Thursday, September 13, 2007

Steve Biko

I am reading Steve Biko's I Write what I Like and am deeply impressed by the writing. The more I read the more I think that he would not have been happy with the John Hlophe's, the Christine Quanta's, the BEE types which now so litter our political landscape. And what would he have made of President Thabo Mbeki whose vitriolic attacks seem to display a lack of pride and confidence - exactly the opposite of what Biko stood for.


Anonymous said...

I recently have seen an ANC poster with Chris Hanis face across it, written vote ANC and something else as well that has slipped my mind for now. Is this perhaps a sign that the ANC realises that they have flop the masses, the poorest of the poor, that they are not really an agency for change, that the least of their intention is to eradicate poverty, that they dont care a damn obout the homeless or those staying under degrading conditions or the myth the HIV eventually does cause aids. seven

Unknown said...

I wish to know how i can get hold of the book: I write what I like. What an inspiring line of thought even b4 u can indulge yoself in its contents.

Anonymous said...

If your friendly local bookstore doesn't have it, Thabo - mine didn't - you may order it from