Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Male prostitute now claim info on Juan Uys

A reader alerts me to the fact that the SA male prostitute site now claims that information will shortly appear about the "gay activist" Juan Uys. This move comes shortly after many people - including myself - began to argue that this "male prostitute" was none other than serial trickster Juan Uys/Neil Watson.

It seems pretty obvious that if the male prostitute was not Juan Uys, he would have been happy for others to think that he was. By claiming that Juan Uys will also be one of his "victims", he is really trying to claim that he is not Juan Uys. Which suggests very strongly that he is but that he wants us to think different.


Anonymous said...

On Mamba Online ( ) The last paragraph of the article gice a bit of info

"Interestingly, Uys, under the guise of different aliases, has previously discredited himself through media statements in an attempt to distance his various organisations from his past."

Anonymous said...

Now he took his blog down stating he was contacted by legal advisors and he came to an agreement.

The interesting part is he appopgised to Crime Expo SA and the members of the GLA. Why did he appologise to those two, he never said anything about Crime Expo SA and just that Juan Uys was a client. The only reason can be is because he himself is Juan Uys

Anonymous said...

I agree. Only Juan Uys would 'apologise to the GLA' because it is an organisation of ONE person. I have personally NEVER met anywone who is actually part of this organisation, even though I have been active on the SA gay since since 1983. This guy is low-life scum and I hope he gets locked up.