Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh no, I agree with Jon Qwelane

It is not often that I agree with Jon Qwelane, that grumpy, tribalistic, sometimes homophobic, Jacob Zuma-supporting columnist, but his latest column seems to be in agreement with my post last week about the arrogance of MEC Bheki Cele. It's things like this that really cheers me up because it suggests that we are becoming an almost normal society.

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Anonymous said...

The only time Jon Qwelane seems to agree with white people,is when as abrasively as is his style,the person who is receiving the honest lashing fromhis pen,happens to be black,but when he turns that to whites,he is pronouced as racist,tribalist etc.Jon Qwelane is the bravest,direct,incorruptible scribe this country has ever seen

Paseka Khetsi